Plain copy without markup? What does it mean?

That’s a never-ending story that finally should be resolved for good in one of the next updates. Here are the facts:

  • We thought it is a weird Google Docs issue (as there are quite a few) and as Paperpile does not interact with the printing in any way could not figure out how Paperpile could be the problem. It actually is and there is some weird cross-talk from the CSS we use in our extension. We know the problem and will fix it.

  • The workaround to use the “Copy without markup” also turned out to be ineffective as this function did not behave reliably. As this was due to some limitation of the Google API and we could not fix it we had to remove it.

That leaves us with the current workaround:

  • Open the file in an incognito window (without the Paperpile extension loaded) and print from there.

Thanks for your patience and we hope to have fixed it soon.