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“Elicit is a research assistant using language models like GPT-3 to automate parts of researchers’ workflows. Currently, the main workflow in Elicit is Literature Review. If you ask a question, Elicit will show relevant papers and summaries of key information about those papers in an easy-to-use table.”
I’ve been using a lot recently and it would be great to have an ‘add to paperpile’ button right there alongside results.

Also, what’s the status with highlight and annotation keyword tagging + exporting? And any dev work on clipping cleaned html web pages with citation metadata to Paperpile? Would be nice to have on research and reference manager to rule them all those long awaited features are really only the key elements missing.


Thanks for your feedback. This is the first time we have received a request for integration with Elicit; I have added it to our internal tracker for the team’s consideration in the future. Annotation export has been requested before. I have added your +1 to our tracker.
Our new browser extension will improve obtaining metadata of websites, and it is due to be released later this year (see our roadmap).

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It would be great to have something like this: