Please copy selected PDF text to clipboard by default in Viewer

Hi there,
PDF viewer is very useful since it lets me highlight text when I select it. However, if I release the mouse, selected text is no longer selected in “mark up mode”.
In normal mode (where I am selecting to not mark up the text) it is still not selected as the feature to comment, mark up is activated which removes the selection.

My present work-around is this: I select the text I want to copy and before I release the mouse I CTRL-C. This fires copy from selection before mouse-off fires the PDF Viewer functions.

Suggested: it would be great if select in PDF Viewer copied automatically. Maybe there could be a feature to turn this on if it annoys others who are not familiar with similar behavior (for example in *nix systems).

Best regards

Sorry this is not correct. In non-mark up mode I can select and copy. Please disregard.