Possible to export latex citation key in IOS app?


I have been using Paperpile for several months now and I really like it. However I do have a feature request: Currently the app only allows to export citations. I am wondering if it’s possible to allow the app to export latex citation key as well?

The reason I am asking is as follow: for Apple products, clipboard is shared between all devices, e.g. if I copy something on my iPad, I can directly paste it on my Mac. As I travel, it’s most convenient for me to view papers on iPad while editing latex code on Mac. And it would be amazing if the IOS app allows me to copy latex citation key so I can directly use it on Mac.

An alternative is to allow people to use both app and website of Paperpile on devices. For example, iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen resolution should be enough to load the full desktop website, however Paperpile still asks users to download the app. Perhaps this option is easier for you guys?

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Thanks for the nice feedback and request, @Silverwing. Another user recently brought this up so I’m adding your +1 to the existing topic on our tracker. I’m not sure if we’ll bring LaTeX citations to mobile soon, but we are currently working on rewriting our extension and webapp to allow use in other browsers - including mobile - so that should happen sooner!

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