Preserve 'sort' criteria for main page and folders

It would be great if whichever sort criteria e.g. date added / title etc would be remembered.

When one leaves the main page or folder the sort selection is not preserved. On return, one has to select the preferred sort criteria again.

Hopefully, this is an easy and quick implementation.

It would definitely help smooth out the workflow.



Thanks for the suggestion, @Sean-Lee. This has been requested before, we do understand the usefulness here and plan to implement it but have not yet prioritized the topic. I’m adding your +1 to it on our internal tracker in order to raise priority for the team.

The tricky part is to have efficient sorting on various fields. Our list is optimized to load fast even when our servers are processing requests from thousands of users (with millions of papers) simultaneously. That’s optimized for default sorting but not for other fields.

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