"Print annotations only" button does not work

A click on the button has no visible effect. I am using “Viewer with annotations (beta)” as my PDF viewer and I’m using Chrome.

Thanks for the report, @chuanenlin, and welcome to our forum! Is this still the case? The option appears to work correctly on our end, both via that menu and the corresponding keyboard shortcut. Could you try restarting the browser and perhaps deactivating other extensions before trying again? Let me know if it persists.

In any case, as a workaround you can click Summary in the bottom left corner of the viewer (beneath the annotations sidebar) to open the paper’s annotations in a separate tab and print from there.

Thank you for the response @vicente. For some reason, the button still does not work on my end even with a browser restart and extensions disabled. However, the workaround of exporting the summary works, thanks!