Problem: Google Drive sync very strangely broken


I’m having a major problem with Google Drive sync:

I recently unstarred all papers that I had starred. Surprisingly, instead of those papers ending up in my All Papers folder, and me having an empty Starred Papers folder, I now have:

  • a subset of these formerly starred papers in the Trashed Papers in Paperpile (and I DIDN’T delete them) - Paperpile can still open these when I click on the pdf link
  • a subset of these still in the Starred folder in the Paperpile folder in Google Drive, but not starred in Paperpile (the link to the pdf of some of them still works, but others the pdf still exists in Drive, but Paperpile completely lost the “connection” between pdf file and record
  • a few of the papers in the Trashed Papers folder were actually never Starred OR Trashed (Paperpile can still open these)

I value the notes and highlights that I have in these pdf files very much, so I don’t want to delete pdfs and re-download.

I have tried (to no avail)

  • restarting Paperpile as outlined in the help
  • using the settings menu re-syncing with google drive

Google Drive syncs successfully when I use the upper right button, and displays an “All files synced” message when I hover over it. But the file locations are still a mess!

How do I fix my database to properly sync to Drive without losing my pdf files with annotations???
And how do I prevent this from ever happening again?

Thanks in advance!

I’ll have a look at your account and contact you via email.

Do you by any chance use a third party application that modifies your Google Drive, like e.g. InSync? Some clients have problems with files being in multiple folders as it is the case for Starred files in Paperpile.

The only things I’ve used Paperpile with are IAnnotate (on my iPad) and Skim (on my mac), the latter of which leaves .skim files with the same basename as the original pdf in the same directory. I don’t use any third party Google Drive applications.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! - I posted this here as opposed to just submitting a ticket via the queue since if there is something that I did ‘wrong’ to break sync, I’d rather other users are aware of it.

There is nothing a user should be able to do ‘wrong’ to break sync. If you can break sync it’s a bug and we need to fix it.

Also we typically encourage posting here rather than filing a ticket whenever possible. But figuring out what’s wrong here seems to require some information about your account that’s better discusses in our support ticket system.