Problem with google docs opening "link" dialogue instead of inserting citations


I just switched to Paperpile to try and be rid of an issue I have been having with a different reference manager, and I have run into the exact same problem again! When I try to insert a citation in Google Docs (either with the drop-down or the keyboard shortcut) I get the google docs “insert link” dialogue (accessible through “Insert > Link” or CTRL+k). This can be seen here - Imgur: The magic of the Internet (not my image - taken from the support forum for the other reference manager).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! According to the academic curse this all broke very shortly before a deadline, and I still don’t have a way to insert new citations or modify the citations in my document!


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I have exactly the same issue, any advice would be appreciated (further context: no changes to my system, problem was not there before, maybe it’s an update on the google end? It happens when I mouseclick add-citation from the menu).

It seems like Google is testing or doing a staged rollout of a new link insertion dialog. Currently, none of our 50+ test accounts has this new dialog so we cannot yet provide a fix for it.

Note: The Paperpile Addon is not affected by the new dialog. Get it here:

@andreas thanks for the help! The sidebar addon works just fine, and thanks to that I have been able to get the manuscript drafted on time. Nice one!

Thank you Andreas, I’ll work with that solution. Your diagnosis seems acurate with my experience.

Yes here too… sometimes a page reload helps for a one or two citations, but then it reverts to naughty behaviour… driving me crazy!

Will Paperpile start functioning again as normal soon?

I’m seeing this behavior too, since yesterday:

I have the add-on installed and on a chromebook I don’t have the sidebar option, only the dropdown:

Thanks all for your reports. We reached out to Google about this but have not yet heard back. No fix is currently within our reach; we must ask for a bit more of your patience.

@isaac_overcast you can activate the sidebar via Add-ons > Paperpile > Manage Citations.

Quick update:

One of our accounts seems to have the update and we can now reproduce the problem.

It’s a bit of a challenge as the engineer who has the account is in another country and Google won’t let us share the account with the other engineers for security reasons.

But we are on it and hope to have a fix soon…

The issue should be fixed. We have just pushed an update of our Chrome extension – please make sure you have version 1.5.246

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I registered just to like and reply that this fix has worked for me. Thank you for the quick patch and great communication about the issue.

I am currently encountering the exact same issue, I have the most recent version of paperpile

I have also just started having this issue!

Using paperpile version 1.5.524. I can’t seem to update to 1.5.246?

I tried to update here but it stays at version 1.5.524.


I have the same issue since I bought a new laptop with windows 11 this afternoon. This morning on the old notebook it was working fine. Best, Julian

@Julian_Schwarz @Darren_J_Parker @Wilfried_Haerty Thank you for your reports. Google is doing a staged rollout of a new link insertion dialog so this is why this issue is happening for some Google accounts, not others. Updating the extension won’t help.

The team is working on a fix, which may take a few days. As a temporary alternative, please use our Google Docs sidebar add-on to insert citations as this has not been affected.

After installing the add-on, in Google Docs, go to Extensions > Paperpile > Manage citations and it will open the add-on. Click on “Update citations and bibliography” to add references to your document.

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@Julian_Schwarz @Darren_J_Parker @Wilfried_Haerty The team has fixed the issue. The Insert citation dialog is working for most users since the release of the fix but some users have reported it as not fixed yet. Can you confirm that it is working on your end? If not, please let us know.

It is working for me right now.



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