Problems with copied entries (book, book chapter)

The following problem occured: I wanted to cited different book chapters of the same book (anthology: different authors and titles of the book chapters). I had the main book and two chapters in my Paperpile database. I added the two chapters by copying the main book changing them from book to book chapter. The problem that occured was that even if I chose the different book chapters Paperpile added the main book. Also every copy of the book chapter entries were added wrong to the document. I solved the problem by deleting all entries in Paperpile and the according references in GoogleDocs. Afterwards I added the book chapters (I exported them as Bibtex before). Now it works. However, I know from other bibliography software that they have the feature of crossref for such anthologies.

One more comment: I just checked. It only happens, when I copy a book and change the copy (or copies) to a book chapter.

Thanks for reporting. Sorry for for this strange bug. It’s already in our bug tracker and actually scheduled for next release. We still don’t know what’s going on but we are confident to fix it soon.

Thank you for your reply. Seemed strange to me, too. However, I enjoy working with Paperpile!

Just a note that I am still experiencing this bug as of February 9, 2016.

Thanks, I re-opened it.

Just to note that I am experiencing a similar bug. In my case I copied a “book chapter” record and edited the new record, so that it contained the details of a different chapter from the same book. When I try to insert a reference to the new record in Google Docs, I see the correct details in the search box. However, the citation that gets inserted in the text and listed in the bibliography is to the original record that I copied from (i.e. the wrong chapter in the book).

Thanks. We are looking into that again.

Thanks. In case it’s helpful, I have now realised that if I open a new Google Doc I can insert a reference to either of the book chapters, and the citation and bibliography details appear correctly. But if I then try to add a reference to another chapter in the same book, the details that appear are those of whichever chapter I cited first.

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I’m still having this problem. When I add a chapter to a book I usually ‘copy citation’ and edit data specific to chapter to save time. However when I go into a document to try to insert the citation I have the option of choosing the correct book chapter, however paperpile inserts it as the original citation I copied from. I’ve tried erasing the DOI, going into the ‘duplicates’ options and marking the chapter as not a duplicate, restarting paperpile, docs and chrome - nothing.

Option to chose correct citation:

What appears after I select:

“De Wall 2016” is also how it appears in the document.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I have come across this problem again today. My workaround is to enter book chapters individually as separate, completely fresh records in Paperpile. But it would save a lot of time if you can get the “make a copy” function working properly at some point.

Thanks for the report. I think at this point @andreas, @jason and myself tried to fix this and thought it’s fixed. But apparently it’s not. I’ll give it a bump in our bug tracker.

That should be fixed now.

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Yes, the problem seems to be fixed now. Thank you!

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I am experiencing this problem again. And so is my girlfriend. Could be nice to get a permanent fix :smile:

This bug haunts us for years now. I’ll have my team look into it once more.

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Apparently, this is the bug that never ends. If I’ve copied books into chapters, only the chapters will appear in google docs popup box. I have to add a new entry for the overall book for it to be added as a citation. The search box doesn’t even show it. When I go directly to paperpile, both the book and the chapters appear.

Edited: when I saw a suggestion to search for duplicates, I did that and it appears to be working correctly now. Will update if I’m wrong.