Proxy connection failed + log in successful

Hi, Folks,

I was trying to set up the library proxy connection (under setting -> proxy access). When I test the connection, I got the following message, although I already logged in:

Connection to “Princeton University” failed. Make sure you are logged in. Log in

If I click log in again, it was successful:

Authentication for “Princeton University” was successful

I can then test the connection again, but it still fails. Any clue how to fix it? Thanks in advance!


I am having the same issue. I have not found a resolution. I am using the University of Tennessee Knoxville proxy.

I’m having the same issue. Any solution yet?

Welcome to our forum, @ritafrmars! Thanks for reaching out here as well as via email – I’ve replied by that via so we can troubleshoot more easily.

Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, if you are experiencing issues connecting to the library proxy, then to resolve this issue you can take a stab at checking your intermediary settings, clearing your program store, attempting an alternate program, and reaching your library or IT division for help. You should be able to resolve any authentication issues and troubleshoot the problem with these steps.
I hope you are clear now.