Publish MetaPDF extension on the Chrome web Store

MetaPDF plugin is currently installed directly from within Google Drive. Because of this, we cannot seem to let MetaPDF automatically open files on our computer using “Allow Access To Files URLs” available to extensions such as Kami.
Any chance you can add MetaPDF to the Chome web store as an independent extension with this feature?

This forum is about Paperpile. We have a standalone service called MetaPDF which is independent of Paperpile, in beta and for which we cannot offer support in this forum.

Hi Stefan, thanks for your answer.
So why does the support link on MetaPDF forwards users to report problems on this forum?
Why are there so many other posts here referring to MetaPDF? And why have you personally given support to those questions in the past?
Seems to me like you’ve been giving lots of support to MetaPDF on this forum :laughing:

These are fair questions :slight_smile: I was not aware we link here from MetaPDF.

We introduced it as our working title of the project here in the forum with the an early beta and the name stuck for some reason. The confusion is clearly our fault. Still, the situation is as follows: Paperpile has a PDF viewer which is currently in beta and which will be updated soon and hopefully go out of beta also in not too distant future. We support this as a part of Paperpile.

The future of the MetaPDF beta service will be decided in 2018. It will be definitely be a commercial product for developers but the future of the consumer version is still unclear.