Question about "SERVER_TIMEOUT" error

Hi there!

I noticed some duplicate references in my document so I went into the library for that specific document and removed them. After I did this whenever I try to update the citations I receive this error:

“There was an error formatting your citations.”

If I click on “Details” it says:

"The Paperpile server took too long to respond when formatting your citations.

A Google Apps Script error occurred with message “SERVER_TIMEOUT”. Contact Paperpile support to resolve this issue.

One or more of these errors caused processing to not be completed."

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Emily! Did you also delete the in-text citation for the duplicate references? This error pops up when there is a broken citation in the body of the text, which sounds like the case here.

If you can’t find/remember where the citation is precisely, the quickest way to identify it is to remove most of your paper and then format. If formatting succeeds, re-add sections until you get the error. Once the citation has been located, remove it from the document and make sure it’s also gone from the View all references page. Please use the sidebar add-on for this process as Google can sometimes block formatting through our extension if it is repeatedly run within a short span of time.

If you keep running into trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or email at for quicker assistance.