Question on "copy to bibtex"

Hi all,

I have a question in the “copy to bibtex” (ctrl + b) function. I have noticed that the bibtex generated always results in the journal title with small letter, say for instance:

title = “Phase lag index: assessment of functional connectivity from multi
channel {EEG} and {MEG} with diminished bias from common sources”,
author = “Stam, Cornelis J and Nolte, Guido and Daffertshofer, Andreas”,
abstract = “OBJECTIVE: To address the problem of volume conduction and active
reference electrodes in the assessment of functional
connectivity, we propose a novel measure to quantify phase
synchronization, the phase lag index (PLI), and compare its
performance to the well-known phase coherence (PC), and to the
imaginary component of coherency (IC). METHODS: The PLI is a
measure of the asymmetry of the distribution of phase differences
between two signals. The performance of PLI, PC, and IC was
examined in (i) a model of 64 globally coupled oscillators, (ii)
an EEG with an absence seizure, (iii) an EEG data set of 15
Alzheimer patients and 13 control subjects, and (iv) two MEG data
sets. RESULTS: PLI and PC were more sensitive than IC to
increasing levels of true synchronization in the model. PC and IC
were influenced stronger than PLI by spurious correlations
because of common sources. All measures detected changes in
synchronization during the absence seizure. In contrast to PC,
PLI and IC were barely changed by the choice of different
montages. PLI and IC were superior to PC in detecting changes in
beta band connectivity in AD patients. Finally, PLI and IC
revealed a different spatial pattern of functional connectivity
in MEG data than PC. CONCLUSION: The PLI performed at least as
well as the PC in detecting true changes in synchronization in
model and real data but, at the same token and like-wise the IC,
it was much less affected by the influence of common sources and
active reference electrodes.”,
journal = “Human brain mapping”,
volume = 28,
number = 11,
pages = “1178–1193”,
month = nov,
year = 2007,
language = “en”

We can see that the journal name is “Human brain mapping” but not “Human Brain Mapping”. However, it become “Human Brain Mapping” if we just press ctrl+c.

Is it a bug or a design purpose? As the journal title are usually typed in capital letters in papers.

Thank you very much.

Hi Matthew! While journal titles are indeed usually capitalized when cited, they are saved automatically without capitals in the metadata - resulting in the bibtex output you point out. This is then formatted automatically when citing, following the guidelines of the style you’ve chosen (as you found when pressing ctrl+c). This is an intentional design, most likely prioritizing efficiency / ease of coding.