Question on the new proxy feature

I’m trying to work with our librarian on getting the new proxy feature to work. However, he’s not entirely sure what we are trying to get (i.e. what the proxy address might be). When I log into ebsco and other library resources, the root url is

I’ve tried using this for the proxy address, but it always says its invalid. I’m with Lindsey Wilson College. We would love to get proxy integration working for paperpile with our college if we can.

Hi Jeffrey,

Paperpile accepts proxy URLs of this form, which usually look like this:$@

Here, '$@" is just a placeholder that Paperpile will e.g. replace with the URL where to search for PDF file. That can then be something like

The URL might look different for your institution, but there should be something like “url=” or “qurl=” where Paperpile can insert the URL that we actually want to be proxyfied. Here is a list of some examples:

A quick Google search did not return any results for your institution. The best would be to consult with your library.