Ranking of articles for better paper management

Would it be possible to add a ranking/scoring system to Paperpile? When you have a lot of papers, it can get a bit overwhelming to sort through, and having a visual reminder of which papers were good/not so good would be great. The stars admittedly already accomplish this, but unfortunately you have overloaded their functionality by also making the stars the only interface for choosing which articles to sync with mobile devices.
More generally, I’d love more tools to manage large dynamic collections of references. Labelling is great, but it doesn’t really help you distinguish whether the articles were good, bad, old, new, relevant, historical etc.

what do you mean by mobile device sync?

Sorry about the very late reply and the somewhat obscure sentence in the original statement. I was referencing a previous comment by the designers where they noted the star system is in part designed to make it possible for users to sync small parts of their (Google Drive) library to their tablets, exploiting that starred items get a dedicated folder. There is no other way to sync small parts of the library aside from cherry-picking each and every element you want to sync from the alphabetized folders.

Why don’t you simply create labels called “good”, “bad”, “old”, “new”, “relevant”, and so on? Or you could even create labels that have stars as their names, instead of words: “★”, “★★”, “★★★”, etc.