Read out loud (with varying speeds)

It would be great if there’s a ‘read out loud’ feature in paperpile’s pdf viewer (as adobe acrobat reader has) to give users the option to listen to their papers. If you can add an easy to use button to change playback speed as most podcast players have that would be really awesome. Thanks!


Thanks for the request as usual, @Aaditya_Dar. Certainly not a bad idea; seems to be the first time it comes up so I’ve added it as a new entry on our internal tracker. Also including +1s from users who liked your post, so not a bad start!

@vicente I fully agree with OP. As someone who engages best with material with auditory and visual components, it would make a world of difference and really help graduate school become more accessible.

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I totally agree as well, this is very helpful for people with ADHD like me and dyslexia.

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