Recently purchased DevonThink looking for a workflow

Hi everyone.

I am in the Apple ecosystem (iPad, Mac, etc.) and recently bought DEVONthink to help me manage my files because I’m writing my thesis.

Does anybody else uses DEVONthink that can share their workflow?


My workflow is fairly simple:

  1. Install Google Drive so that your Paperpile folder can be synced to your hard drive
  2. Set up a DevonThink database that indexes an external folder, selecting your paperpile folder.

Now you can use DevonThink to do full text search of all your PDFs in Paperpile.

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Thanks, I’ve done that.

How do you manage your annotations and highlights?

My workflow for annotations and highlights is a bit more complicated, because I use Logseq for that, not DevonThink.

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Would really appreciate hearing a little bit about your Logseq/paperpile workflow.

I pull all my annotations (from Kindle, PDF documents, upnext,, etc.) into Logeq via Readwise, using an unofficial Readwise plugin. (Supposedly they are working on an official one.)

I read my PDFs in Paperpile for IPad. Then I export all my highlights and notes in markdown to Devonthink. In Devonthink, you can do whatever you want with your notes.

You can highlight PDFs in Logseq natively and benefit from using these as block refs, by the way.

Do you upload the PDFs to Readwise manually?