Reference based on PMID

Dear all, I am a huge fan of Paperpile, which I use mostly in combination with Google Doc.

I have a question regarding the format of citations (the style), which I do not know how to implement myself: long story short, I would like each paper with a Pubmed ID available to be referenced in the format [PMID 123555].

Is there any way to achieve this?

Welcome to our forum, @Giulio, and thanks for the nice feedback! The only style I know includes PMIDs is National Library of Medicine (grant proposals with PMCID/PMID):

The alternative would be to edit the style you need directly from online repository CSL (where we get our styles from) using their online editor, available at You can then upload the custom CSL file to Paperpile via Settings > Citation styles, making it available for use in GDocs and Word.