Reference format for Arxvi papers are wrong for Nature style in google docs

I’m using the “Always include DOIs and URLs.” option in google docs with Nature style. However, neither the URLs nor the Arvix ids are not added to references. The Arxiv URL is needed by Nature journals (e.g., “Heuer, H., Monz, C. & Smeulders, A. W. Generating captions without looking beyond objects. Preprint at [1610.03708] Generating captions without looking beyond objects (2016).”)

Is there any other option that I can try? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to our forum, @Serbulent_UNSAL! I see what you mean and indeed, it seems this rule is not contemplated in the Nature style code (unrelated to the DOI/URL inclusion tool). Besides manually editing the bibliography after having finished inserting citations; I’m afraid there’s no simple solution to share.

A potential alternative would be finding a version of the style which does handle preprints correctly (perhaps asking colleagues if that’s an option). Custom .csl files can be uploaded to Paperpile via Settings > Citation styles. This will then be available to use in GDocs and Word.

A more complex avenue would be editing the style with CSL’s online editor, available at CSL is the online repository we get our styles from; unfortunately we lack the resources to troubleshoot/customize styles there.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have questions.