Reference with numbers (1) in text

I can’t figure out how to use numbers as references in the text - and make these numbers align with the bibliography in the end.

For example - what I want to do:
Steward and Jameson have found that yellow is the most positive colour (1) and have discovered…

(and then in bibliography: (1) - Steward, Jameson, Quantitative analysis of coulours,…

Is this possible?

Hello Andi,

It’s in the help section
under " Formatting a bibliography". is this what you mean?

you need to have the plug-in enabled and given permission,

“After adding or editing a citation, Paperpile can reformat your document and generate the bibliography with one click. Simply choose Paperpile > Format citations to proceed. ( Note: you will need to give permission to the plug-in the first time you format a document. This will only happen once.)”

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Thanks but I can’t find the option formatting a bibliography? I tried both after updating citations as after unformatting citations.
See printscreen here:

In this prints screen pressing “update citations & Bibliography “ should do the job. It will replace the citation with [1] and add a references section at the end of the document.

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Thanks, but when I am doing this I get no reference ‘number’ but a line of text. I would like to shorten it to a number, linking to the bibliography… See the printscreen about how it looks after I click on ‘update citations and bibliography’.
Note: working in Google Docs

Hi @Andi, if I’m understanding you correctly, I believe this behavior is defined by a) the citation style, and b) the content of your entry.

citation style


So, if you want a footnote, you have to use a different citation style

for example, I created a document and attached a citation style IEE. Then I created some text and one reference. It looks like this:

Hi @Bruce_Borkosky it looks you are totally right. Changing the citation style to IEEE does the job. Thanks a lot!