References starting not from number one

is there a way in which I can start the referencing (Nature numbering style) not from 1 but from a n number? I have two separate files and I need to start the second one from the number at the end of the first list. But the two lists need to be separated. Example: One list ends at 85. I need the second one in a separate file to start indexing from 86. Any suggestion?
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Unfortunately this is not possible, so you will have to add the documents together in Google Docs for this.

That said, it does not seem impossible to implement, so I encourage other who would like to see this feature to voice their support (and use cases) here.

This is a very useful feature considering that several journals require using the same number for the same reference across main text and supplementary, where they might not have the same order of appearance in the two documents.

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