Relinking references

Currently working in a document where I have to relink all the references, because all the links were removed. Is there an automated way of doing this?

Also, when I already added a reference to a document (e.g. reference 1) and I want to reference it again later on, is it possible to just call #1 or some similar piece of code instead having to look-up the authors/title again from reference 1.

Not sure if these are support questions or new feature haha.


Apologies for the delay here, @SWB. I’m afraid we depend on the hidden citation links; if they were removed we have no way of recovering them. The ability to parse metadata from plain text is on our wishlist so I’m adding your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker. Same with your second request, although it might be tricky to figure out a workflow like that for non-numerical styles. Any further feedback welcome!