Removing duplicates in my folders creates duplicates of those papers in the Shared Folder(s)

This is particularly problematic when removing lots of duplicates, but have tested and the behaviour happens with a single paper as well.

Example steps to reproduce:

  • Create a shared folder
  • Move a paper from my own library to the shared folder
  • Create a duplicate of that paper (e.g. via the import paper button)
  • Merge that duplicated pair of papers
  • Notice that the paper in the shared folder now appears twice

(I don’t think this adds much, but I’ve noticed that this doesn’t affect papers that were added by collaborators to the shared folders)

Thanks for the details, @Mariana_Marasoiu. I’ve consulted the team about this; hadn’t received a report of this before myself but perhaps it’s already known / on their radar. Will reach out here when I hear back.

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Great, thanks @vicente!

We were able to reproduce this on our end, @Mariana_Marasoiu . Unfortunately, shared folders are excluded from deduplication at the moment so I have no better alternatives or quick fixes to offer. Nevertheless, the topic is on our radar - in the context of rewriting our whole sharing structure, which has been planned for a while and should be implemented soon. Hope to have some more concrete updates to share soon.

Any update on this bug?