Removing excess Zotero files

Zotero keeps not only PDFs but also html versions of the paper homepage (snapshots). WHen Importing a library from Zotero these html and occasionally other files are also imported. These are unnecessary in PP. Is there an option to remove all these excess files or import the library without these but still with PDFs?

Keep up the good work! PP is fantastic and we can see you are really dedicated!


I forgot to mention that these files are also synced to G Drive, which is obviously unnecessary…

No, I’m afraid there is no automatic way to get rid of those files. Our importer imports all attachment we can find in Zotero. Like any other attachments those are also synced to Google Drive.

We’ll need to look into that. If they are really not useful in Paperpile and can be identified accurately we probably can skip those during import.

But once they are in there the only way would be to manually remove them one by one.