Request for adding the option to not save PDF and load it from G-Drive

I wanted to ask for an option (at least on the browser version) NOT to save the PDF on the local storage, either on PC or mobile device and load the PDF from G-Drive each time.
The reason for my request is that often my colleagues and I edit and annotate our PDFs on third-party apps or devices which are in sync with G-Drive (e.g. Sony Digitial Paper and Adobe Acrobat). So each time we want to read the annotations on Paperpile, we have to clear the local storage and load it from G-Drive.


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Thanks for the request, Seyed. I believe currently this would not be feasible, simply because of the way our upload/backup structure is conceived. Regardless, I’m adding your request to our internal tracker for the team to consider over future reviews.

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Yes, this will be beneficial for uses who don’t work on only one system.

@jirka @andreas My understanding was that we already update any locally cached files automatically if it has been changed outside. Any ideas?

@stefan, yes I can actually confirm that updating the cached from google drive works pretty well when I switched to the beta viewer. For the chrome PDF viewer though, it was not always the case.