Request for "limited" Paperpile use without extension

I love Paperpile. I’m a PhD student who’s been using it for the last two years with amazing success because it does all the things I would want it to do.

But I keep running into one very frustrating problem: I work with data at a governmental institution where we have some (understandable) restrictions on software, meaning that I’m disallowed from installing the Paperpile extension.

That makes my current workflow is really problematic when I start writing! I use Paperpile on my own laptop using the extension, but then in order to use my bibliography, I have to download it and email it to myself. If it were always a one-time process, it’d be fine, but there’s always something I didn’t add correctly or the exported format doesn’t play nicely with my bibTeX package. It also makes adding papers at later points a HUGE pain. I find myself weighing whether it’s worth it to add in the newest research given all the hassle, which I don’t think is great.

I understand the necessity of the extension for the functionality of Paperpile. It’s fantastic. But I really should be able to log in without having the extension if all I want to do is export my bibliography, shouldn’t I?

Thanks for the feedback, Danielle. Versions of this request have come up before; I understand it’s not a direction we’re planning to take at the moment but no idea is off the table either.

Our product is first and foremost a Chrome extension. From that base we’re expanding to mobile apps and a Word plugin (betas available, no writing feature on mobile, you can reach out to us via chat or email to join if you like) but we’re still very much reliant on the extension itself.

Our decisions are guided by user demand, so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker for the team to consider over future reviews. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if there’s anything else. Cheers!