Request: Keyboard shortcut for notes

Please add a keyboard shortcut for notes.

We can already open the abstract (o), attachments (a), additional info (i), website (w) and pdf (Enter+Shift+o) with keyboard shortcuts, so not having one for notes (and I guess “cited by”?) seems like somewhat of an oversight.

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We will actually replace the current notes panel and replace it with a complete new note taking system that is integrated with the PDF annotation and markup features of our new PDF viewer. We will also change the user interface of the note taking panel. We will add a shortcut, thanks for the suggestion. The new PDF viewer will be released very soon as a new beta. The integrated solution across the main app and the PDF viewer is still in the prototype phase.

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Oh, looking forward to that! Please keep us posted.

Any update on this? 2 years is a very long time. Has the new note-taking system integrated with the PDF viewer been implemented yet? I use the PDF Viewer beta, and do not see any new note-taking abilities.

Thanks for the ping here, @dbikel. The improvements/changes for note-taking mentioned on this thread are still planned but have been pushed back in favor of other features. No updates to share for now, although we expect to share a roadmap with all users soon :raised_hands:t4: