Request: re-import pdf on android client (solution to external app annotation)

Adding the ability to re-import a pdf to an existing paperpile entry would allow us to do annotations in an external app (I believe). The paperpile android app already has a share button, so we would share to some other app, do the annotation, save, re-import back into the paperpile app. A little bit of extra work, but far better than the current situation.

This would solve two (sort of big) problems;

  1. The problem with disappearing annotations. If the annotation is made in some other app it won’t disappear when re-imported.

  2. The problem with feature requests. The android (and IOS) apps are in a no-win feature race against all the other apps on the market; there is no way you will be able to support everyone’s favorite feature from all the other apps. E.g. most recently I was using paperpile android on an Onyx eink reader, and now I wish for stylus/handwriting input with palm rejection. Rather than attempt and lose anyway, using other apps for annotation gives us paperpile and the features we want.


This is on our radar, @paperbrain - it’s been discussed and we have plans to implement the possibility in the future. Not for the next few months, at least, as we’re currently focusing most of our dev resources on rewriting the extension and web-app UI.


I agree on this request. The onyx NeoReader is lovely for annotations, while the paperpile one is very sluggish – not really usable. Being able to share back would solve a LOT of features requests. Great to see that it’s on the radar, Vicente!