Resolving PDFs through EZProxy

Would love to try it as well.

@nsd2001 @tiflove Please send us a quick reminder to or via the in app messenger. The forum user names are not directly connected to Paperpile accounts so we don’t who you are.

me too. I want this feature

I’m glad to see that PaperPile has pushed the EZProxy integration into production.

Unfortunately, I will probably not be able to use it because our campus seems to have no intention of implementing it. And I kind of understand why: EZProxy is a great idea, but a flawed implementation.

Great Idea: a URL-rewriting proxy so that users can use the proxy only when needed rather than having to set it up system-wide as most OS’s and browsers require.

Flawed implementation: it’s closed-source and costs the campus significant money. I’m thoroughly surprised that this hasn’t been done, at a fraction of the cost, as a bunch of rules for Apache mod_proxy_html or similar.