Resolving PDFs through EZProxy

I am mostly working off campus these days but still need to have access to literature through the subscriptions of my university. This access works through EZProxy. It yould be nice if Paperpile could access PDFs and journal websites through an EZProxy link.


That feature is planned and we have made some preliminary test to integrate it. There is some complexity involved because it affects the whole networking part of Paperpile. So there will be nothing to announce any time soon, however, it’s definitely on our radar.

If you are reading this and also waiting for this feature, please post a quick “me too” because it’s a feature that can only be tested in close collaboration with our users. Eproxy implementations differ between institutions and here at Paperpile we don’t have easily access to University networks.


I would be happy to try it out.

I would be happy to try it out too.

I would really like this too.

ME TOO!! This is an important feature for any serious investigator.

I would use this as well

I am also awaiting this feature.



Me too. This would be a huge help. Other reference managers offer this, so I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request

Me too. Off-campus access through EZProxy will be very useful

me too; tho I’m glad it works through VPN

Me too. I would love to test it out with our university network. Thanks!

Me too. Would be happy to test it here at Harvard.

I would like to test this as well.

For all those that want to participate, please send an email with the name of your institution and the URL of your EZProxy login site to This will help us in configuring Paperpile’s EZProxy infrastructure.

I would be happy to try it out here at Stanford. Fully integrated remote access via EZProxy is critical.

Thanks! Actually we make very good progress and hope we can start public tests soon.

We have started our EZProxy beta tests! Please drop us an in-app message or an e-mail from the account you are using Paperpile with if you would like to participate in testing. Check-out this link on how to configure your proxy setting sin Paperpile:


I would be happy to try it out too.

I’d love to try this out as well.