Any plans to integrate retractionwatch like Zotero has done? In other words automatically flag articles in one’s database that have been retracted?


Yes, we have thought about that in a more general context also including errata, corrigenda or flagging preprints that have been published (a common requested feature).


Any follow-up on this request? Other reference managers have integrated Retraction Watch alerts into their software and many of us in my lab wish Paperpile would follow their lead. I looked at your roadmap, but nothing seems to be planned. Your 2019 comment suggested that your team had an interest in creating this feature. Any news?

Welcome @Audrey_Plante to the forum! Integrating Retraction Watch is on our radar, but we are currently prioritizing rewriting the web app. We have received only a few requests for this feature, but I have added your +1 to our internal tracker for the team’s consideration.