RIS from PaperPile doesn't import correctly in SciEnCV

Not entirely sure which side the problem is on, but if I export a folder as RIS from PaperPile and import it into my NIH NCBI bibliography to use their SciEnCV system to make a biosketch for a US federal grant proposal, the conference publications are missing their proceedings titles. I see them in the RIS file, as T2 fields. I don’t know if NCBI is looking for a different field or what the root cause is here.

NCBI is a painful system; since I maintain a PaperPile folder of all my papers, being able to upload RIS from PaperPile and have my citations come through correctly would greatly ease the process.

Thanks for the report, @mdekstrand. We reproduced the issue as you describe in Paperpile and other reference managers as well, which points to potential issues on SciEnCV’s side. No doubt the info is contained on the RIS file but somewhat mysteriously we’re not able to pull it through in most cases.

For now, the only solution is to edit the field manually in your NCBI library. The team should have another look at this soon and give us an update, but I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to prioritize concrete solutions at this point.