Roam Research and Paperpile?

Hi all,
Roam Research is rapidly becoming a popular knowledge management system. It would be great to be able to insert in-text Paperpile references, and I was curious about your recommendations for non-google docs online documents: use citation keys? LaTeX citations? The ideal solution for me would be to have a keyboard shortcut in Paperpile that creates a markdown link to the PDF viewer in the Paperpile extension…this would be helpful not only in Roam but also other markdown-based applications. Curious if anybody else thought about this workflow.


I have been working in a similar workflow with, and simply put the sharing link, but I would prefer a link to the pdf viewer mode…


My current method in Roam is to make a document named with the citation key, then to enter the full citation and link to Paperpile below that. Then I can easily link to that document using the citation key in any document, and those backlinks will show up at the bottom of the citation document.


yes, that seems the best solution currently. An intermediate solution would be to open the citation key in Paperpile (even via search), but as far as I can tell it is not possible to feed a search string to Paperpile via URL, correct?

Roam research has come up on our radar. Also Scrivener, Notion and Overleaf. Please stay tuned, we will have do a survey about Markdown and LaTeX workflows here soon.


Another Roam convert / believer here… It would be so good to have a consistently smooth way of getting annotations into Roam. I’ve almost downloaded Zotero because that seems to be only working solution so far. Somebody has just made a plugin for it which sounds promising according to people on the Slack Roam channel. I’ve not tried it yet but I am seriously tempted to…
I can’t help thinking there is a massive gap here just waiting for someone to fill it - and it would be great if it was you guys!

PS: Getting a Scrivener solution as well would be the proverbial icing on the cake


I would like to 1+ Scrivener support!

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You should add Obsidan to that list. I’m still using Roam right now, but I’m hopeful about the future of Obsidian.


Agree with @Kerim re Obsidian. I just downloaded the app, and it seems to have a lot of potential, and the dev team is rock solid: The degree of polish in their other app - Dynalist outliner, which Obsidian borrows from, is… uncommon.

They’re like the paperpile team of knowledge management :slight_smile:


Scrivener please.

We are getting serious about those integrations now :smirk:. We have put together a small survey to better understand the use cases and workflows for those Markdown based products:


Any way to automate moving the full citation to the “citation key” page? Manually, it is time-consuming: ctrl-c or b in Paperpile, then paste in RR and cleanup.


Any progress on this front? When can expect some good news?


+1 for Paperpile -> Roam :raised_hands: would be awesome too!


yassss please


Just adding another vote for Roam support from Paperpile: :heavy_check_mark:

(minimum) Grabbing Citation Key and HTML link - ready to paste into Roam in one shot
(preferred) Creation of a new Page in Roam with full support for Roam attributes (not just Page key)

But most of us want to get our MetaPDF annotations exported too
(minimum) spatial separation of Highlights from Comments in the Current export Summary
(preferred) Sync of Highlights and Comments to the appropriate (i.e. Citation Key) page in Roam

Oh, and while I’m here:
Wouldn’t it be nice to have an option to auto-quote all highlights taken in metaPDF - to ensure that you don’t mix quotes with comments downstream…

I love using Paperpile. But I think it needs to respond to the emergence of this new generation of relational note taking apps soon… Otherwise, with their APIs etc. the case for a separate reference manager is going to be diminished rapidly…

All the best to all



Absolutely agree with this.

Dropping this other thread here, which is related.
Allowing highlights to be automatically fetched by Readwise would solve the Roam/Obsidian import issue at least for now.


Meanwhile… there is a workflow that allows me to get my highlights into I have google back up and sync syncing all pdfs into a folder on my mac. After highlighting in paperpile’s pdf viewer, I command-space and type up the author name to open the pdf in which allows me to export the highlights into a markdown file that can be saved directly into obsidian’s vault/folder.


+1 Scrivener compatibility
+1 Notion compatibility
+1 Speechify compatibility (still no tool for visually impaired).