Rotating a single page


Are you considering making it possible to rotate individual pages?

At the moment it is possible to rotate pages all at once. Which is a nice feature. However, when a document presents a page with a table or graphic in landscape mode I now have to rotate all pages to read that single page and then rotate back all pages to continu reading. It would be nice to able to rotate that single page and then keep this permanent.

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I see the usefulness here, but this is not something we currently have planned. It would not be simple to implement as it can lead to a number of complications when the pages do not all have the same alignment.

That said, please let us know here if you would also like this feature.


I would like that feature as well.

Anyone producing literary work or even a report would require the single page rotation feature. I cringe at the thought of having to convert my thesis to .docx file after completing my paper in gdocs. The thought of losing material or features gives me much anxiety. My vote is for the addition of this feature.

Yes, please! I’m working on an assignment that would benefit from this. I’m just going to merge two pdfs when everything is finalized, but would have been great to be able to do this all in one doc.

To be clear: this feature request is about the PDF viewer. We have no control over page rotation or any other non-citation feature within Google Docs.

You can simply rotate the page(s) in the pdf in a program outside of Paperpile and sync it back to google drive. I have Backup and Sync from Google so all my pdfs are synced to my Mac. I can use Preview to make comments and highlight, remove useless first pages, and rotate pages, and they all sync back to Drive and show up in the Paperpile pdf viewer. I agree it would still be nice to do this within the Paperpile pdf viewer.

I would also find this feature extremely useful.

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Agreed, that is the workaround I use now. But on a chromebook it’s much more convenient to work directly from Paperpile. And I find myself using a chromebook more and more these days…

Still, it’s not an absolute necessity, more a handy feature that would be welcome :smile:

I’d love this feature as well!

I love this feature. C’mon Paperpile…time to have this feature~~plz

Bump, this would be a nice feature.

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workaround - do this before importing the paper


Just signed up for this forum to add support for this feature. I love to read and highlight all of my papers on Paperpile and would love this feature.

I understand there are always workarounds. Other commenters in the comments mention for instance that Mac users can download the .pdf, rotate the offending pages with landscape format tables in ‘Preview’, save the .pdf, delete the existing .pdf for the paper on Paperpile and reupload the ‘fixed’ .pdf. However I would really love to not do this (a lot, a really really large amount of would love not to do this) :hugs:

Hi there @srnwbr, welcome to the forum! Thanks for your feedback. We agree this would be a helpful feature, but it is technically challenging to implement. I’ve added your +1 to our internal tracker.


Hey, I am also looking forward to see this feature implemented! Good luck in overcoming technical challenges!

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Me too, +1 from me!

I actually forgot I posted the request in 2018, but I came back today to see if it was possible and I found my own post :grinning:

But if I understand correctly this is still a technically challenging issue?

Overall, the pdf reader in Paperpile is excellent and I enjoy using it.