RSS reader integration

Like many academics, I subscribe to several journal RSS feeds. Every day I set aside some time to read through the lists of new articles in my RSS reader. I tag the titles that I should read later on.

I happen to use Inoreader, other popular web-based RSS readers are Feedly and Newsblur.

Every web-based RSS reader has a function that allows you to share an item via various means (e-mail, twitter, facebook, etc.).

It would be great if I could use this share functionality in Inoreader to quickly add a paper to Paperpile.

Right now, I can right-click and through the Paperpile context menu, I can then click Add Linked Resource to Paperpile, but this take two mouse movements and two clicks. I want to able to easily click a Add to Paperpile button from my reader interface without using the context menu.

How does the Add Linked Resource to Paperpile feature actually work? If it is URL-based, something like:[URL]

then I could add this function to Inoreader myself without any required effort from Paperpile beyond replying to this post.

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I guess Paperpile makes thing so simple that we get easily spoiled :wink: Two clicks is pretty good.

Very early on we used to have Paperpile buttons in Google Reader because it makes sense to integrate with something so popular. Now the user base is fragmented over many other programs and having an integration does not make sense.

At the moment the import goes through the extension and does not offer a public API. We might add a way to post a link via the public URL as you suggested. Also we have concrete plans to allow mailing papers to Paperpile which should make it possible to integrate with pretty much every software that has a share function.