Saving overall folder status on exit (collapsed vs expanded)

Is there a way to set your folders to remain collapsed as the default when you first visit the site? It’s a little annoying (and difficult to find things) when every time I load, all the folder and subfolders are fully expanded. I’d rather work from the opposite direction, and see everything collapsed, expanding only the folders that are necessary. Thank you.

I agree with drhon. I have a bunch of folders and shared folders with multiple subfolders. It’s a pain to navigate when I open PP and everything expands!. Please add this feature, or tell us how to prevent expansion!!

I would also really appreciate this feature. I have a large hierarchy of folders. At any one time, I am only working in one folder. An option to have all folders collapsed by default would be good. The app remembering which folders were collapsed and which were expanded from last time would be great.

Relatedly (or alternatively), it would be great to have keyboard shortcuts for expanding and collapsing folder trees. That would help with finding folders as well as working one’s way through a tree,