Screen hang when click edit data

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I got a problem when trying to edit data (a reference) - screen keep saying “loading data”. I am able to with the other 3 references but not for the one as in the attache screen shot.

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That’s strange. There must be something in the data that’s tripping up Paperpile. We have seen this before with some some invisible unicode characters. But it has not happened in a long time so we thought we have covered all weird things that references can contain.

Can you hit ⌘J or Ctr-J and send us the copied data at

Also can you hit F12 or ⌥ ⌘I and send us the logs in the console. Thanks.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply. All information sent to


Thanks for your help. @andreas has found the error and we’ll ship a fix with the next release.

Since Paperpile has new update last night, I’ve retested this problem and it’s been fixed. Thank you very much.

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