Scribbling (handwriting) and stylus support

Hi, thanks for the great product!

I’d love to have the ability to scribble on a pdf while reading, with a stylus or otherwise, something similar to what Xodo does. Is this something that is planned?


I would like this too. I want to use Paperpile on my Surface, and I currently have to do the complicated workaround of editing the documents using Xodo in my Google Drive

We are currently working on extended the annotation features including free hand drawing, free text, and shapes. We will test and see if we can cover this use case as well.


Any updates on the free hand drawing support? Would make Paperpile even more amazing.

I would like to be able to highlight text in the Pdf Viewer using a stylus (Samsung Chromebook).

Currently, I can select text and then hit Shift-H to highlight, but I cannot seem to highlight directly by selecting text while Highlight tool is active.

I like stylus as well. Please at lease implement a free drawing function and a erase first. Currently I just use a kami as a work around, but it’s not convenient. Thanks!

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