Search and tags

I imported my library from Zotero, complete with tags. When I search for a tag in search box at the top of the Paperpile window, it says it can not find any papers.

  1. Are tags not indexed for searching by Paperpile?
  2. I’d like to be able to search for a reference from Google Docs by using by tag keywords. Is that possible?


Labels are currently not included in the search. It’s been on our radar for quite a long time now (see also Searching by label) and it’s definitely planned and we have an idea how to do it. It’s just that other major features like the EZProxy integration, PDF annotations (which will be released very soon) and also the upcoming mobile apps kept us busy recently.


Is there an update on searching by tags

Thanks for the ping here, @Acritch! We’ve been working on advanced search features which are due to be implemented soon and will include the ability to search labels and folders. I don’t have a specific timeline to share, but there will be more details on our newsletter this fall :raised_hands:t4: