Search annotations

Hi there, this is a feature request.

It would be great if I could search the PDFs I have loaded into Drive. I would want to search text bodies (the PDF content) as well as my own annotations as well as my own highlights. Ideally I would choose which I was searching (Just search in highlighted text, just search in annotations etc).

To help with research methods here at my uni I am writing a lit process with Paperpile for students.

I want to replace what is called the Cornell Method with paperpile. This would mean being able to search my annotations. I will tell the students how to do highlighting and how to write structured annotations. They can then search and group their readings based on keywords and other parts of the PDFs I want them to think about.

Great product - keep going!


Hi there, is there any news on this feature request?

The ability search, group and export annotations (including highlighted text, comments, notes etc) across sources (PDFs, webpages, docs etc) within Paperpile would be the killer feature for me.



Searching within PDF text (and annotations) has been requested for almost 4 years (eg).

Iā€™m quite impressed with Paperpile, but searching only Abstract and Title renders it almost completely useless as a reference manager.

Searching within PDF text is absolutely crucial.