Search by author name

Is there a way to search your paperpile library by author name? It seems this would be an intuitive feature but I’m not seeing this as an option. If not, can we please get this on paperpile!


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Hi Chris,

Have you tried typing the author name into the general search box at the top of the Paperpile library (assuming you are asking for this when you are at This will search all of the fields from your metadata and will pull out papers in your library from that author.

However, it doesn’t seem possible to current search by author’s full name, so if you have a lot of authors that share a surname (or an author’s name that has other meanings such as “Cane”), this might be more difficult.


In principal, yes entering anything in the search bar will work for general searches but what would be helpful is if the authors name (or anything in fields of “name” could return names only. For instance, a colleague has a last name of “Stat”. More often than not I get returns in search of anything with the word “stat” and it is difficult to find the author and their papers. Does that make sense? It would be great if you could just click “search author names” and since these names are in metadata you could get returns of names only. Thanks!

If you find one reference by the author you want, you can click on the name and all the others will be found. It’s a slightly off method, but it works - and i guess it keeps the search function simple enough to be speedy on all sorts of systems.