Searching/exporting "notes" field

“notes” seems not be be searchable. Also this field is dropped when exporting as Bibtex so I can’t use text search either.

I make heavy use of “Notes” field, which have survived “export as bibtex” migration from citeulike->Mendeley->paperpile, any tips how to search or export them?

@Yaroslav_Bulatov, notes are searchable from the library, is this not the case for you?

They can also be included in the BibTeX export. Clicking the email on the top right corner of your library, then Settings > BibTeX will reveal several options - ‘Include notes’ among them:

Notes will show up in the bib code under ‘annote’. Let me know if there’s anything else!

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aha, now I see it, must’ve been a glitch in the matrix, thanks. BTW, one annoyance with notes is that there’s no way to see them on my IPad in paperpile app

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Thanks for the feedback, @Yaroslav_Bulatov. I understand we do plan to port notes to mobile (like several other missing features there) but it’s not in our immediate plans. I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker to raise its priority for the team.