Searching on keywords

I am compiling articles for a new project. Some of them have a word in the title which obviously connects them with a part of the project. For others, I’ve been adding that word as a keyword. But it seems I can’t search for a keyword - when I enter the search term, I only get those articles that have the word in their title.

Is there some way to search for keywords – or should I make a new folder and put all the relevant articles in there?

I suppose in general I’d appreciate a more sophisticated searching mechanism: to be able to search in article title, by title of journal, by keyword AND some other criterion etc.

According to the help documents:

Paperpile searches within most textual data fields from your papers including title, abstract, author names, journal, publication year, notes, and identifiers (DOI, PMID, etc.).


"Searching within a specific field is not currently supported, but you can filter your library by a specific author, year or journal name by clicking on the author / journal / year from an item in your library.

But couldn’t you use tags to do the same thing? Tags seems to be the way that Paperpile wants users to handle keywords. Perhaps it would be nice to have an option to turn keywords into tags on import (as some other reference managers can do)?

The keywords field is meant for “Author keywords” that some journals require. The are meant to be set by the authors of the paper not by the reader.

In Paperpile you can use labels or folders to organize papers for a specific project.

I second the request to turn keywords into tags on import. Moving forward, I agree that the keyword field should be meant only for “author keywords”. Nevertheless, this is not currently the standard for other reference managers. For example, I have 1500+ references nicely organized by tags in CiteULike. Reorganizing all these after transitioning to Paperpile would be a daunting task.