Searching within folders always results in "No references found"

As was the case with the other issue I just posted about, I’m not sure if this issue is specific to Beta, but switching from Beta back to the original Paperpile closed all of the tabs containing articles opened in the Paperpile PDF viewer, so I’m now staying in Beta until I’m done going through all of the articles I have open, and can’t check if this issue happens in the original Paperpile as well.

Pretty simple issue: if I click on a folder to view the articles within, and then type anything into the search bar, it says “No references found”, even if every single article in the folder has the search term in its title.

Browser: Microsoft Edge Version 126.0.2592.68 (Official build) (arm64)
Paperpile Beta

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Thanks for the report, @paperpiledriver — is this still the case every time you try? It doesn’t seem to be happening on my end but I’ve let the team know so they can look into it.

Huh, it’s not happening anymore! Thanks for your reply.

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I’ve noticed that the search functionality has recently been extremely slow to update. I was also getting “No references found” and/or simply not seeing references I knew to exist. This is definitely a major issue for those of us importing references while working on tight deadlines.

@ajn please let us know if search performance has improved since the time of your report — like I mentioned on the other thread, an update with fixes was released earlier today :factory_worker:t4:

I’m also having the issue of articles not found in a folder even though I can see them etc. Tried a title: field search for a word in the title but still no luck
(btw - rather than having to navigate a couple of clicks to the field codes or type them out, it would be good if there was some shortcuts (e.g. /t > title: etc) as this would speed things up. This is how I have things setup in Evernote and nicer to work that way). Using the new rather than the older version of Paperpile