Select Reference and Get Wrong Citation

I am using the Google Chrome extension with Google Docs. I have a website reference that I created in the Paperpile app.

ESRI. 2016. “GIS Dictionary: Natural Breaks Classification.” ESRI ArcGIS. 2016.

However, when I select to add this citation in Google Docs, which shows up correctly as the reference above, it changes it to another website citation that I have (i.e., FAO Water 2015).

FAO Water. 2015. “Crop Water Information: Maize.” FAO Water Development and Management Unit. 2015.

These 2 references have no overlapping information, so I don’t understand why when I select ESRI 2016, then it automatically cites FAO Water 2015.

It seems like the two references have the same URL. We use this as one of the fields we check to identify duplicates. To fix this, change the URL on one of the papers or go to the duplicates filter to the right of your list of papers and mark them as not duplicates.

You may also need to remove the citations from the document and re-insert them to ensure the duplicate information is updated in the document as well. To do this, remove the in-text citation(s) to the reference. Then go to “Paperpile --> View all references” in the Google Docs menu and also remove the reference(s) from the page that opens.

Thanks very much. I can see that issue now. However, I did notice that although I removed the reference (FAO 2015) from the paperpile app and then created a new entry for it (with the correct URL), I actually had to delete it from the references for the specific Google Doc. At that point, it was not even cited in the Google Doc. I’m guessing that it retains citations for use once you have added it to a doc. It seems like the reference should have updated when I updated it in the Paperpile app. Thank you again.