Selecting fields displayed by default in "Edit data"

It would be great if we could select (or remember) which fields are displayed by default inside “Edit data”. I believe that everyone has slightly different priorities when it comes to the info stored about a publication. For instance, I would love to be able to make the Bibtex key shown by default since I am looking at importing a lot of papers used in my bibliographies and I can already feel the pain of adding the field for every paper I import.

Btw. I’m really glad we finally have a modern reference manager integrated with the Google ecosystem! Thanks guys!

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I want to point out that every item has by default a BibTeX key even if it does not show as default field in the edit dialog. The optional field you can edit is a special field to override the default key. You probably don’t want to do this for all of your library.

Please also have a look at this Specify custom BibTeX key formats for entire library about BibTeX keys and how we want to improve them (and why we haven’t already…)

Thanks for a quick reply Stefan. I’m aware that the bibtex keys exist for all papers. I also noticed the other feature request. Custom bibtex key format would definitely be an improvement. Still, I am likely to assign custom keys to a lot of papers, either since I used those keys before, or because I need to make a minor change to the one that was generated that better represents the paper (e.g. makes it easier to remember/find).

I think the easiest solution would be to simply remember which fields were shown for a specific type of publication previously, i.e. if I decide to show a bibtex key for one paper, it should be shown for all the other papers of the same type until I decide to hide it.

plus one for this. at least remember that the user has requested to show the bibtex field and turn on this for others, to avoid this needless hunting and pecking to show it each time. It is very handy to add a suffiix to the key to make it easier to remember which paper the key refers to, e.g. Smith2019-BS-about-theory

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Thanks for the ping here, @Tobi_Delbruck - I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker. Although not yet posted on our public roadmap, updates for the metadata editing dialog are on our medium-term plans.