Separate "update citations" and "update bibliography" in MS word

In Word there is a button “Update citations and bibliography”. I needed to use the feature to insert a bibliography after adding text from another document. However, it messes up my in text citations - for example, it updates Hofstede et al. (1990) to (Hofstede et all, 1990).

It would be great if the bibliography could be inserted /updated separately, without updating the in-text citations.

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Welcome to our forum, Michael! You will find formatting options by right-clicking in-text citations, then clicking Edit Citation in the menu that appears. Here you will find the option to suppress author, add page numbers, prefixes, suffixes etc.

We are only able to read the information inserted via Paperpile on users’ documents, so this is the only way for us to apply changes to in-text citations. Hope this makes sense.

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