Set new default highlight color / pen width

I’m enjoying the convenience of using Paperpile on my tablet! Is there an existing way to, or plan to implement a way to:

  1. Change the default highlight color and/or pen thickness? At the moment I must re-select my preferred highlight color and pen width each time.

  2. A way to upload pdfs saved on my tablet using the tablet app, similar to uploading supplemental files using the desktop chrome app? I know how to add files using the chrome browser, but can’t find a way to do in the app.


Welcome to our forum, @Shannon! Which kind of tablet are you using? Using iOS on my end, pen color reverts to black but the thickness does persist - is that not the case for you? Let me know but either way I’ll add the request to our tracker for the team to consider. Same for attaching PDFs as supplemental files - added your +1 to the topic on our tracker.

Thanks Vicente for the welcome and the follow-up!
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite. Initially I had experienced the pen color and thickness reverting to black and 4 thickness, but now that I test again, pen color and thickness stay set the way I had selected previously. Perhaps there has been an update, or I’m just using it differently now?
I still have the highlighter color reverting back to yellow though.

+1 for me, being able to set a default highlight/pen/text color would be great. The default black color for text makes it hard to differentiate from the PDF’s text, so I would prefer to choose some other color.