Several works by the same author in the same year


How does paperpile deal with several works by the same author that were written in the same year?
I have a few authors who published several texts in the same year, which should appear in APA as e.g. 2011a, 2011b, …
Do I have to type that myself or does paperpile generate the correct way itself?

I did a test sample page trying to insert those references, but paperpile just offered me the blank (2011) citation.


The exact treatment depends on the citation style chosen, so in general the As and Bs will be added as expected. The main snag is that the names of the authors must match exactly for this to work; different sources provide different numbers of first initials / first names, and when this is the case, we conservatively assume that the authors are different and will not list them as coming from the same author. This can be fixed by editing the metadata so that the author names match exactly.

If only the year is showing, it means that you have suppressed the author. Edit the citation by placing the cursor in the citation and clicking “Edit”, then click the blue bubble for the reference in question, then uncheck the Suppress Author checkbox.


In APA format,
(Author, 2018a, 2018b, 2018c)

Author, A. (2018a). TEST1. ASDASD, 1(1), 1.
Author, A. (2018b). TEST2. QWE, 2(2), 2.
Author, A. (2018c). TEST3. ZXC, 3(3), 3.


Thank you, it works!