Share button in PDF viewer

It would be great to have a “Share this PDF” button in the PDF viewer.

When I am reading a paper, sometimes I want to share the PDF that I am currently reading. Is it possible to put a “Share” button in the toolbar of the PDF reader?

Cite this PDF” would also be a great button to add.

Since some users might want different features in the PDF viewer, you might also want to consider allowing users to customize the toolbar to have the buttons that they will actually use.

For example, I want to see the paper title in the toolbar, but some folks might prefer to hide it. Allowing people to customize the toolbar would help to satisfy all users’ preferences. Each person has their own way they like to work.

Also, I never click “Back to Paperpile” and I find that button to be confusing. I’d prefer to delete it from my toolbar. The button I actually want is buried under the gear icon and it is called “Show in Paperpile”. I would have expected that the “Back to Paperpile” button shows me the current paper in my library, but that’s not what happens.

Thank you again for sharing your ideas for improvements to the PDF viewer, @slowkow. I’ve recorded your comments for consideration by the team, once we have completed the transition to the new Paperpile.